I'm a student and programmer at Phillips Academy interested in the intersection between computer science, big data, politics, and history.

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The Printer @ PA

The website for the The Printer @ PA, an organization at Phillips Academy that prints custom t-shirts. Written using Node.js, Pug (An HTML preprocessor), and SCSS.

Blue Moon

The website for Blue Moon, the first print and online STEM magazine at Phillips Academy. Written on the Jekyll framework, using ruby, HTML, and CSS.

Anonymous News Tips

An anonymous website to submit news tips for The Phillipian.

Website for Dr. Van Savage

A personal webpage for Dr. Savage, Professor at UCLA. Written using standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


Website for Techmasters, a student run organization dedicated to providing tech help for the Phillips Academy Community. Written using HTML and CSS.

Andover / Exeter Day Website 2017

Website for The Phillipian's 2017 coverage of AE Day.

Polar Area Calculator

An interactive polar grapher that can solve for the area bounded by polar curves. Created as a final calculus project for future calculus students at Phillips Academy.

Level Curve Plotter

A project for Math 650 at Andover that plots and solves level curves and partial derivatives.

Data Visualization

Civil Asset Forfeiture in California

Data visualization showing civil asset forfeitures by county in California. Created using Javascript and D3.

The Spread of Communism

A data visualization showing the rise and fall of global communism, from 1917 to 2017. Created using leaflet and JS.

Open Source


An extensible library of code developed to make programming competitive VEX robots easier. Developed as part of Phillips Academy's VEX robotics program.


Open Source NPM module which aids in scraping, parsing, and analyzing congressional bills.


Spotify Favorites

Automatically generate a playlist of your 15 favorite songs on Spotify.

RegEx Snippets

Collection of useful RegEx snippets.


I love to read! Here are some books I just finished reading:

Check out my Goodreads profile here.


If you have any project ideas, requests, or would just like to talk, shoot me an email at jeffreyshencc@gmail.com. I usually respond within 24 hours.

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